Global Logistics

Economies and industries in Asia are growing rapidly in the 21st century. Responding to the region’s logistics needs, the Japan Logistic Systems Group has formed a global network centered on the Asian region (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Laos) to comprehensively back up our customers’ global expansion.

Global Logistics

Main global logistics services

Our business in Vietnam

In 1994, the Japan Logistic Systems Group became one of the first Japanese logistics companies to expand into Vietnam. Following that, to respond in real time to the diversifying needs of customers, we established the fully-owned subsidiary Logitem Vietnam Corp. in 2006, the regional supervising company Logitem Vietnam Holding & Investment Company Limited in 2008, and the import/export and wholesaling company Logitem Vietnam Trading Co., Ltd. in 2012. Our logistics service in the region supports customers’ supply chains through a broad menu of services including vehicle hire, serviced apartment leasing, and trading.

Logistics Business

Logitem Vietnam Corp. and Logitem Vietnam Corp. No. 2 have large-scale logistics centers and trucks in the major cities of Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh, and have built a logistics network that covers all of the country. The trucks plying the north-south route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh (about 1,700 km) have GPS installed to enable tracking of the transport status of cargo. In warehousing work as well, the companies provide the same product management, logistics processing, and inspection work that we offer in Japan. As pioneers in the Vietnamese logistics industry, Japan Logistic Systems will continue realizing new frontiers in logistics.

As of June 30, 2012
  Business vehicles Warehouse area Number of employees
Logitem Vietnam Corp.
Logitem Vietnam Corp.No.2
371 150,657m2 1,116
Logistics Business
Vehicle hire, condominium leading, and relocation businesses

Logitem Vietnam Corp. No. 1 is developing businesses for vehicle hire, condominium leasing, and relocation. Offering a range of vehicle types available to meet customers’ applications and implementing customer interaction and safety education from Japanese staff, the company provides safe and comfortable vehicle hire services. Our leased condominiums offer Japanese breakfasts and 24-hour security and maintenance, vital services for persons stationed in Japanese companies in Vietnam. In the relocation service, dedicated Japanese staff leverage their expertise gained in Japan to meet varied needs from single-person relocation to office relocation.

As of June 30, 2012
  Business vehicles1 Number of employees
Logitem Vietnam Corp.No.1 592 717

1 Business vehicles: Passenger cars, RVs, buses, etc.

Vehicle hire, condominium leading, and relocation businesses
International land transport via the East-West Economic Corridor2

Through this land transport service spanning Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam, we run regular mixed cargo shipments from Bangkok, Thailand to Hanoi, Vietnam, via the bonded warehouses of Logitem Laos GLKP Co., Ltd. in Savannakhet, Laos. We are able to shorten delivery times from the 10-day marine shipping time to about three days, while achieving significantly lower rates than air transport.

2 East-West Economic Corridor: A 1,450 km corridor running East-West across four countries (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar) on the Indochina Peninsula. With the completion of the Second Mekong Bridge connecting Thailand and Laos in 2006, it is attracting attention as a major artery supporting the future economy of the Indochina Peninsula.

International land transport via the East-West Economic Corridor2
International intermodal transport

Through cooperation among the Japan Logistic Systems Group, we provide international multimodal transport service, and have constructed an optimal door-to-door transport system that combines varied modes of transport (marine, air, and land). In the Asian regions where the Japan Logistic Systems Group is situated (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Laos), we are able to offer trilateral transport without passing through Japan.

Import/export work

From import/export work to the provision of appropriate information and advice, our on-the-ground experts with extensive local knowledge respond accurately to customer needs. Within Japan, Logitem International has offices in the key ports of Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Kobe to support customers’ trading work.

International relocation

Logitem International leverages its Asia-region network, spanning Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and Laos, to offer door-to-door transport for the belongings of customers posted overseas or returning to Japan.

Overseas Group
Taiwan Logitem Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Hong Kong Logitem Hong Kong Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Logitem(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.
Trancom Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Vietnam Logitem Vietnam Holding & Inbestment Company Limited
Logitem Vietnam Corp.
Logitem Vietnam Corp.No.1
Logitem Vietnam Corp.No.2
Logitem Vietnam Trading Co.,Ltd.
L&K Trading Co.,Ltd.
Logitem Shanghai Corp.
Logitem Shanghai Warehouse Corp.
Laos Logitem Laos Glkp Co.,Ltd.
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