Privacy Policy

  • 1. Japan Logistic Systems Corp. (hereafter “Japan Logistic Systems”) complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws and regulations, and enacts necessary and appropriate measures for managing the safety of the personal information it holds.
  • 2. Japan Logistic Systems maintains and continually improves internal regulations concerning the protection of personal information.
  • 3. Japan Logistic Systems does not acquire personal information though deception or other improper means, and strives to specify and clarify the purposes for using any personal information it handles.

Japan Logistic Systems’ purposes for using personal information

I. We will use personal information received from customers in connection with agreements and dealings with customers, and in the execution of logistics work.
1. To provide estimates, offer proposals, and send invoices for services and products requested by customers.
2. To send requested materials to customers.
3. To collect, deliver, and warehouse products and cargo requested by customers.
4. To contact customers with regard to the work described above,
II. We will use personal information received from customers in order to provide better service and product information to customers.
1. To offer information and materials on services and products to customers.
2. In order to conduct questionnaires for customers, with results reflected in services and products.
  • 4. Japan Logistic Systems will, in principle, handle personal information within the bounds of specified purposes for use.
  • 5. Japan Logistic Systems will strive to keep personal data accurate and up to date.
  • 6. Japan Logistic Systems will not, in the absence of just cause, provide personal data to third parties without the consent of the individuals.
  • 7. Japan Logistic Systems will conduct appropriate oversight of employees and contractors with respect to the protection of personal information.
  • 8. Japan Logistic Systems will respond appropriately to requests from individuals to disclose, correct, or terminate the use of personal data held concerning the individuals.

For inquiries concerning protection of personal information

Administrative Division, Japan Logistic Systems Corp.

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