Information Systems

We accurately process the information that comes out of our international logistics network, and offer information systems that can provide information to customers in real time.

Constructing logistics systems to support management strategy

Japan Logistic Systems has assisted with the construction of a number of information systems to support processing, management, and planning for actions from customer ordering to warehouse unloading and shipment. Warehousing information and shipment information are increasing in value as valuable marketing information, and the role played by logistics in company management is also growing.

Achieving reliability, speediness, and low cost

In its support for the construction of logistics systems, Japan Logistic Systems has put particular effort into speed improvement through standardization of forms and codes, as well as inter-compatibility of computer software. This enables the consolidation of logistics and total control over functions, yielding significant results in cost reduction and service improvements. It also enables the provision of information for companies’ marketing strategies, further expanding the role of logistics in company management.

Logistics processing
WMS (Warehouse Management System)1

Japan Logistic Systems constructs mechanisms that conform to varied forms of logistics and advance logistics through information systems. We also develop warehouse information systems that meet customers’ needs, including inventory management and traceability of shipped products.

1 WMS (Warehouse Management System): A system for improving the efficiency of warehouse work, from receipt to shipment of goods.

  • WMS
  • WMS
Logitem Label System
[advanced consolidated delivery system]
To further expand the merits of consolidated delivery, Japan Logistic Systems converts invoice data to EDI, a mechanism for exchanging transaction-related electronic data among companies under a common format. Adoption of the Logitem Label System enables “invoice-less” shipments using only a unified packing slip, increasing work efficiency.
  • Logitem Label System
  • Logitem Label System
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