IR Policy and Disclaimers

IR Policy

1. Our stance on information disclosure
Japan Logistic Systems strives for prompt and fair disclosure of information to all of our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors. The company also conducts information disclosure in accordance with the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Act and the Osaka Securities Exchange. Our aim is to deepen stakeholders’ understanding of the company and facilitate fair evaluation of the company’s value.
2. Methods of information disclosure
For disclosure of information that falls under timely disclosure rules, Japan Logistic Systems performs disclosure in accordance with those rules through the Timely Disclosure Network (TDNet). Information disclosed through TDNet is promptly posted on our web site. For information that does not fall under timely disclosure rules, the company conveys information to investors accurately and fairly through appropriate methods. As such, the company recommends that persons wishing to confirm information disclosed by the company do so with reference to sources such as TDNet, in addition to our web site.
3. Performance forecasts
Japan Logistic Systems conducts disclosure of quarterly performance for the convenience of stakeholders. Performance forecasts and other announcements concerning future projections of performance, etc. made by the company include forward-looking statements made at the time of announcement, are subject to subsequent revision without prior notice in the event of changes to assumptions, and are not guaranteed to be accurate.
4. Internal enforcement of IR policy
Japan Logistic Systems will promulgate and enforce this IR policy throughout the company and the entire Group. The division in charge of IR (Management Planning Section, Management Division) will respond to all inquiries from stakeholders and investors. The aim of this is to protect the company and its employees from liability under laws including the Securities and Exchange Act.
5. Quiet period
For the period beginning four weeks before the scheduled quarterly earnings report and ending the day of the report, Japan Logistic Systems observes a quiet period during which the company withholds comments toward specified investors or media regarding earnings forecasts. The company asks for understanding regarding withholding of responses to inquiries concerning financial results and earnings forecasts during this period. However, the company will disclose information as appropriate in the event of major incidents during this period.


The IR information posted on the Japan Logistic Systems web site is for the purpose of providing information on Japan Logistic Systems Corp. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter “the company”), and is not for the purpose of soliciting the purchase, sale, etc. of the company’s shares.

While the company takes responsible care with the content of information on its web site and on other web pages to which it links, the company makes no warranty with regard to the accuracy of the posted information or the timeliness of updates.

Moreover, the company bears no responsibility for any damages or losses incurred, regardless of reason, with regard to this web site, including posted information or inaccuracies therein, data, downloads, etc.

The company’s current plans, forecasts, strategies, and other items of information which are not historical facts are forward-looking statements which reflect assessments by the company’s management based on currently available information, and are subject to risks and uncertainties. A variety of factors, including economic conditions, the competitive situation in the industry, and regulatory matters, may cause actual performance to differ materially from forecasts.

Moreover, information posted on this web site may not reflect the entirety of, or may differ in expression from, information disclosed to securities exchanges, and is subject to change or deletion without notice. The company requests that decisions concerning investment be made at investors’ own discretion based on understanding of the above items and on materials including annual securities reports issued by this company.

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