Questions concerning the company

When was the company founded?
Osaki Unso Corp. , the predecessor to Japan Logistic Systems, was established in October 1944. The company changed its name to Japan Logistic Systems in 1989.
What is the origin of the Japanese name “Nippon Logitem”?
“Logitem” is a combination of “logistics” and “systems,” encompassing our major aim of operating logistics in a systematic manner. We further capped the company name with “Nippon” (Japan) out of recognition of Japan as a leading economy and out of our great wish that our company spread throughout Japan and throughout the world.
What business is the company engaged in?
Our businesses consist primarily of the following four categories:
[Motor Truck Transportation Businesses]
This category combines the general motor truck transportation business using our trucks to carry customers’ products, and the business of providing transport services using the trucks or cargo railways of affiliated companies.
[Distribution Center Businesses]
This category combines the business of cargo handling, including warehouse loading/unloading of products entrusted to us by customers, as well as the business of logistics processing (assembly, cutting, labeling, packaging, etc.) at our or our customers’ warehouses and delivery centers. It also includes outsourced office work (outsourced order receipt, sales processing, statement of delivery creation, inventory management, etc.).
[Asset Businesses]
This category is composed of warehouse storage for products entrusted to us by our customers, as well as real estate renting and brokerage.
[Other Businesses]
This category combines businesses incidental to the above (moving relocation, construction-related work, import/export handling, customs and port-related work, personnel dispatch, etc.). In addition, we are engaged in the tourist vehicle transport business in Vietnam.
Where are the company’s business sites at present?
Centered on the greater Tokyo area, Japan Logistic Systems operates a total of 25 sales offices: 7 in Tokyo, 6 in Kanagawa Prefecture, 5 in Saitama Prefecture, 4 in Chiba Prefecture, 1 in Ibaraki Prefecture, 1 in Shizuoka Prefecture, and 1 in Aichi Prefecture (as of April 1, 2015). For details, see Business Sites.
What companies are in the Group?
Our corporate Group consists of 21 consolidated subsidiaries and 2 affiliates under the equity method, for a total of 23 companies (as of April 1, 2015). For details, see Group Overview.
How is the company expanding overseas?
There are 13 Group companies in 6 Southeast Asian regions (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Laos; as of April 1, 2015). For details, see Group Overview.

Questions concerning financial results

When does the company’s fiscal year end?
At the end of March every year.
When is the company’s earnings announcement period?
Announcements are scheduled as follows: Fiscal year closing: mid-May; Q1: late July; Q2: late October; Q3: late January.
Where is information on business results available?
See Financial Highlights under IR Information.
What are the company’s management policies, corporate vision, and similar statements?
See Medium-term Vision under IR Information.

Questions concerning stock

What is the company’s Securities Identification Code?
Japan Logistic Systems’ Securities Identification Code is 9060.
When was the company listed on the stock exchange?
The company was registered as an over-the-counter stock with the Japan Securities Dealers Association in July 1994. At present, the company’s shares are listed on the JASDAQ (Standard) exchange of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
What is the point of contact for procedures concerning shares?
The point of contact differs with the content of the procedures. For details regarding points of contact, see Stock Information under IR Information.
How can the current stock price be found?
See Bloomberg under IR Information.
What is the dividend per share?
See Stock Information under IR Information.
When are the record dates for dividends?
The dates are March 31 for final dividends, and September 30 for interim dividends.
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